Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pointing Backwards, Indeed.

[I had meant to post this the other night, but better late than never - C]

""Say it ain't so, Joe…There you go again, pointing backwards…"  Sarah Palin's overly-crammed brain was aching to unload these canned Reaganesque quips at some point during the debate. 

It is understandable that her handlers would program them into her limited arsenal.  They were emergency generic punch lines just waiting to be delivered in lieu of substance-- a diversionary device like a flare or a smoke bomb to be used in case of an unanswerable charge from Biden.  Do whatever it takes to keep the focus off your party's disastrous record on nearly every issue.

Never mind how we got in this mess.  Pay no attention to the past.  How dare you bring up the record we're running on (while we're simultaneously trying to run from it)? We can't learn anything from history.  If it didn't happen in the last 5 minutes, it's ancient history…our slate is clean.  Everything is new and unprecedented.  I call do-overs!  Mulligan!! I am the great and powerful Oz!!! Umm…what was the question again, Gwen?

I imagine her car mechanic tells her "No, don't tell me about your car's symptoms or the service records…that's all in the past.  I'm sure we're dealing with some utterly new problem unique to your vehicle.  I'll just get to fixin' the problem…"

Sometimes there's a reason for the blame game.  It does matter as to the causes of global warming, avoidable wars and financial meltdowns.  It matters because you can't address the cause if you don't even know what it is.  Treatment is much different whether a headache is caused by encephalitis or a hangover.

Even Palin understands this on some level because, (miracles aside), she realizes that sex is the overwhelming cause of pregnancy. She determined that the cause of her daughter's pregnancy was not the failure of abstinence programs.  It was caused by unprotected sex with a boy and therefore needed to be solved by a ceremony involving a shotgun and a preacher. 


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