Sunday, May 23, 2010

Texas Board of Education Should Be Added To Some Required Lists

Just when you thought the intellectual rigor of our country couldn't sink any lower, we have Bible-thumping dentists and real-estate brokers are determining the science and history standards for millions of kids nationwide. The Texas Board of Education has locked in the de facto education standards for our country with their textbook guidelines for the coming decade.

Because Texas buys the most books, the 3 major textbook manufacturers will these standards nationwide so the rest of the country gets dragged along in this idiocy. Thomas Jefferson has been expunged from a list of the country's great thinkers, and writings of Martin Luther King, Jr. have been removed from recommended reading lists. The roles of minorities and women in the struggles for civil rights and suffrage are downplayed (it was surely just the benevolence of the ruling white males that brought these about, no?).

I hereby propose the following: School boards from all other states should immediately add the 9 majority-voting members of the Texas School board to the list of this country's greatest morons. Maybe at least *their* names can be remembered for generations to come.